Your iPhone a Universal Remote – Wow!!


I know SMSGator has been an assistance to you with your iPhone SMS feature. I'm also sure that you enjoy using its features like translation and is also satisfied with the security features of the iPhone application. Now that you are well equipped with all features of a smartphone, here is one application which I find it wonderful and hence shared it. The application is called VooMoteOne.

It is an application which will make your iPhone into a universal remote. With this, you will never have the trouble of searching your TV or whatever remove now and again. You can now use your iPhone to turn on and off your remote controlled devices.

However, this doesn't come that cheap nor is it that expensive. Spend a hundred buck, download a free application from iTunes and lo! You have a universal remote in your hands. With it you can control all devices that have infrared control. Now it's time that you ditch your traditional remote controllers. Codes of the devices are automatically added to their online database.

Try this iPhone application it's really easy to use.