Technology – What Has it Rendered

Where in the developed world will you find somebody unaware of the tremendous growth in technology? What makes today different from yesterday is the change in technology. It is technology that makes whatever progresses that mankind experiences today a possibility.

What once was a bulky appliance can now fit in your palm. The computer when it was first developed was the same size of a regular cupboard. Due to scientific advancement, the size reduces but functionality increases and nowadays and at present we have the laptop, netbooks, tablets and powerful cellphones like the iPhone, Android and Symbian.

With the advent of such amazing devices comes applications and software that runs on these devices. The value of the devices are even enhanced by this applications and software. Example to such software or application is the SMSGator, an iPhone application or an iphone based SMS application that allows users to do certain things easily and swiftly for which it would have taken him or her hours to execute.

The most amazing technological advancement would be the availability of internet access on mobile devices. This allows people to access the internet, send emails, keep in touch with loved ones and do work online on the move.

It is science and technology that makes these things possible. The latest debate on whether technology is diminishing nature and what comes with it is also something which we will discuss about in this blog later on.

In the meantime, here comes the Question, have you downloaded the SMSGator? If yes, did you like it? If no, what is the reason behind that, are you reluctant to download the full version? If that's the case, you can download the demo version of the SMSGator, SMSGator Lite from iTunes.

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What's in SMSGator that isn't in SMSGator Lite

SMSGator Lite is a demo version of the SMSGator that includes some feature of the SMSGator but is void of some great features that is included in the full version. You may think, why download when it is missing some feature? If you are, you may well think about downloading it because it is a freeware. By freeware I mean that this SMSGator Lite is available for download from the apple store of iTunes for free.

What is there in the full version that is not in the free version?

The free version comes with most of the features the application has like the ability of creating contact groups either manually or automatic; the ability of sending bulk SMS to many contacts at once; the option of customizing your text messages with special characters, emoticons and lingo and creating private templates that can be used later on in order to save time.

This version has been created for you by Oglacs and ITTS in order to make you get to know more about the SMSGator more. Even thought the application doesn't come with the full feature, it comes with all the features mentioned above. The full version on the other hand comes with features like the feature of translating foreign language and sharing it to friends and encrypting messages before sending it. It also has the feature of syncing contacts and templates with SMSGator web service.

The SMSGator Lite in short is an introductory version of the SMSGator which is available for free and people can download this before they download SMSGator from iTunes.

SMSGator Lite – A Prologue to SMSGator

Oglacs after the launch of the SMSGator launched SMSGator Lite a free Version of SMSGator. This mobile application has been created by Oglacs and ITTS so that people can get a glimpse to the full version of SMSGator before they download it.

People generally hesitate to download an application because they don't know whether the application will benefit them or not. Understanding this, these two companies came up with a plan to release a free version of the application so that people may get to use some features of the application and download it if they love it or if it proves useful to them.

In this version of the SMSGator, you will be able to use some of the features of the SMSGator. But for a freeware, it is something worth testing out. You will be able to send unlimited SMS to your group of friends without having to click on each individual contact in order to send the message. You can also create groups in a way you would like to create or you can use the applications auto grouping or smart grouping of the application to create groups according to location, last name, occupation, etc. The character support of the application is also amazing. You will get access to a lot of accented characters and lingo making your texting experience never like before.

Creating private template and saving them for future usage instead of writing whole over again is also included in this feature. If you download the full version of this iPhone application, you will also get additional features like embedded language translation tool with which you can instantly translate foreign languages before sharing something to friends and loved ones. You will also get the feature of encrypting messages before sending if you fear that your message may end up in the wrong hands.

The SMSGator Lite is now available for free download from iTunes and its full version, the SMSGator is also available for download from the same.

Use the SMSGator Lite and download SMSGator from iTunes if you find it useful for you.

The Invasion of the Technological World by Mobile Devices

Once at a point of time, there was the abacus, then comes the calculator and as time advances there is a gradual development in this field. The radio, telephone, television, telegraph, the internet, etc came into being and it makes life much easier and the passing of information to a far distance becomes less time consuming. But those days, there was a need for the person to stay at one place in order to call or transfer a message to a person or there is a need of a solid medium to pass information. It's the opposite to what is happening today. Since the day the first wireless device was invented, scientist whole over the world are trying to create even more mobile devices  and mobile applications like iPhone applications or Android applications that includes features that people can't even believe.

The cell phone is one of man's most amazing invention. It has considerably made life easier. With it, you can call to friends even while on the move. Not only that, you can send email, surf the net without the need for a computer. You can even use it as a GPS (Global Positioning System) device. In today's world the cell phone and similar devices are becoming the defining crux of technology. And with the devices comes even more amazing applications and software which can be downloaded and installed in the device.

With the merge of these devices and the software, the devices gained even more value. An example of such amazing software or application is the SMSGator. This is an application for iPhone created by the companies Oglacs Software Pvt. Ltd. and ITTS. There is a lot of feature that comes with this application. Some of the features include, sending encrypted message, translating and then sending foreign language messages, etc.

Do Much More Than Texting With Your iPhone

What do you do with your phone texting feature? Nothing but text, only text. Why only text when you can do a lot of thing by downloading the new iPhone SMS-Based application SMSGator?

SMSGator is an iPhone application developed by Oglacs and ITTS with which you can use it to send bulk SMS, translate SMS, create Private Templates, send SMS to contact groups, etc.

You may be hesitant to download this application since you don't know whether it's real or not. If you are feeling this, you can download a demo version of this application known as SMSGator Lite which will soon be available for free download from iTunes or the Apple Store.

With SMSGator you can send SMS to a number of your friends all at once. You can also send unlimited characters, which include lingo, emoticon and other special characters which you will not find with other applications.

Translating foreign language message or jokes you want to send to your friends is now no more a headache, you can just use the SMSGator translate feature and send the same SMS to your friend in a jiffy.

Encrypting confidential SMS is one of the positive feature of this application. Download the demo version, if you would like to know more about it. However, some features may be missing in the demo version.

It is indeed true, your Texting experience with your iPhone after downloading SMSGator from iTunes will be totally different.

SMSGator Lite – A Demo Version of SMSGator


It is often uneasy to risk buying something due to the fear of your money going wasted. Oglacs and ITTS understand this feeling of yours and hence bring out a demo version of SMSGator known as SMSGator Lite so that you can know know what SMSGator more, its amazing features prior to your downloading the full version.

With the Lite version, you will get to use SMSGator however with few features missing.

SMSGator Light is an iPhone SMS-Based application with which you can do a lot with your phone's SMS feature.

With it, You can customize your messages with emoticons, lingo, accented characters and other features.

SMS can also be sent to number of contacts without having to click on each contact with the help of the application's grouping feature. Here, contacts grouping can be done either manually or through smart grouping of the application.

The private templates feature of the application will be of great help to your texting experience. With it you will be off the headache of writing similar message over and over again.

However, SMSGator Lite is the free version of SMSGator and will soon be available free for download in iTunes, the full version with unlimited features including, language translation and Message Encryption is already available for download.

You will soon be able to download the free version of SMSGator, Download it and get a glimpse to the amazing application SMSGator.