MobiGator - Another Initiation From SMSGator's Developers

MobiGator, a one stop online device contact manager will soon be live from where one will be able to manage device's contacts.

In this website users will be able to sync their contacts available on their mobile devices. Contacts can be backed up in the server which can be later restored into their devices if in case some or all contacts are deleted by mistake. Not only that, SMSGator users can also use the same iPhone application on the website to send bulk sms, manage templates, translate messages, etc. Below is provided an overview about the website I am talking about.

MobiGator all together provides two services first is the SyncGator and the Second is SMSGator Web service.


A sneak peek of the Mobi Gator Site
SyncGator is an application which works with all mobile devices and gives users the flexibility to manage contacts in a way like never before. This application allows mobile users take back up of their contacts to a server, gain access to synced contacts anytime, anywhere and restore them to the device when needed.

A user can sync contact details of friends and family members stored in a single devices or various devices with the server. A user can back up contacts from devices to the server and restore them  whenever needed. Therefore, the risk of losing contact details of near and dear ones will no more be a problem if one keeps this application in handy.

All utilities apart from registering a device can be done via the website for registering of a device can only be done through the device.

Speaking about features, SyncGator has two main features namely the Device Sync and Master Sync.

Device Sync

With this feature, an users can sync his or her already registered phone contacts with the server and gain access to it anytime and make changes both on the device as well as on the website. This is however limited to a particular device.

Master Sync

This feature is one which will allow lot more flexible options to mobile users. It comes in handy when a user wants a contact or more to be synced between all devices which are registered under the same username. For instance, there is a Mr. XYZ as a contact in device A and the user wants this contact to be synced with devices B and C, the particular contact is then synced through the Master Sync.

Another feature which is worth mentioning is the Incremental Sync. This feature notifies users when changes are made in the contacts either on the device or the website. Users will then be given the option to whether update the changes made or not.

How Safe Is SyncGator?

Safety is the main issue when it comes to storing contact details in a server but it is not when it comes to SyncGator. The application, both on device and website works in such a way that once an user registers and start syncing with the server, the device will automatically generate its device code and this ensures that only the user is allowed to make changes to his database. Hence, there is no question about how safe the application is.

This is about SyncGator and if you want to know about SMSGator, you may browse the archive or you can visit later for more updates.