SMSGator – A New Dimension to Your Texting Experience


Do you want to try something new with your iPhone? Do you want to add a new dimension to the SMS feature of your iPhone? If yes, you should go for SMSGator, a new in the market iPhone application developed by Oglacs and ITTS.

With this application, you can share SMS with international friends using its translation service. Think you have a funny SMS sent by your Spanish friend and you would like to share it to your local friends. You now don't have to translate it and type it yourself but use the SMSGator translation service and forward it to your friends in a jiffy.

It also comes with AES encryption service. With it you can send confidential SMS to your business partners in a safe and secure way. Using the shared passcode, only the recipient(s) will be able to view the message.

You can also send bulk SMSes to your group of friends without having to retype or click on each contact. Sending bulk SMS or sending to numerous person at once is never that easy. And the private template feature of this application allows you to save your own custom templates which you can send it to your friends without having to type the same message again.

You can also create a contact group of your own or the application will recognize your contacts and group them automatically according to the intensity and the type of message you send.

Numerous features are coming up in future, download this application from iTunes, always stay up-to-date and visit the site for more information.