SMSGator Lite – Why you should Try?


The number of people liking the SMSGator is increasing day by day. What is the reason behind this? It is obvious, it is SMSGator Lite that makes this possible. Here is another question, why don't you try the same too?

The first reason why I suggest you to try this application is that it is absolutely free. It comes with various features (however, something is missing which will be completed if you get the full version of SMSGator). With the lite version, you will be able to gain access to some features of the application like sending bulk SMS,create your own template, using special characters and lingo, etc.

This iPhone application is available for free download in the Apple Store or the iTunes. This application if you download, will make your texting experience with your iPhone more amazing and worth cherishing.

Even though it is void of full-version features like translating languages before sending or translating received message which is in a foreign language and encrypting message before sending for more security, it is worth trying so that you can get to know the application before downloading the full version.

Both SMSGator and SMSGator Lite is the creation of Oglacs Software Pvt. Ltd. and ITTS.