Why SMSGator is Worth Downloading?

When someone asks why do you think SMSGator is worth downloading? Before just saying that this is a wonderful mobile application what you need to know is the properties and features of this application. By knowing what's in and not in the application can help you explain the application better.


This application is for the iPhone users and requires iOS 4.0 or later.


1.   Translate SMS or jokes which are in foreign languages before sending and running through the headache of translating it yourself.
2.   Sending SMS securely with the encrypting feature. No worries of your SMS landing in the wrong hand.Contact Group creation either manual or auto grouping on the basis of last name, occupation, location, etc.
3.   Create private templates with your iPhone application
4.   And in the later version, there will be more features added to it like syncing contacts, private templates and share them with with friends.

This application can be used offline too. And one more amazing option of this application is that you will be given the option of trying the application before downloading it. The SMSGator Lite is available for FREE download from iTunes. You can know a lot about the SMSGator through SMSGator Lite.