What Lies Behind the Popularity of SMSGator


The popularity of SMSGator, the SMS-based iPhone application has been ascending in the fastest ever pace. The question is, what is behind this popularity? The reason will obviously the feature that this iPhone application offers to its users. And also, partial credit goes to the demo version of SMSGator, the SMSGator Lite.

This demo version has taken the popularity of the full version to great heights. One fact you should know is that the full version of this application was first released in the market before the demo version is released. People gets reluctant to download the full version fearing that the application might be of no use. Knowing that , Oglacs and ITTS decided to release to the market a free demo version of the application. Since then, the popularity of the application has grown three fold and the number of downloads increased.

With the release, people now can get to know what this mobile application is all about and download the full version if it is going to be useful. It is worth downloading since the SMSGator Lite is an application that you can keep for life unlike other applications' trial versions.