SMSGator – Downloaded Yet?

Have you downloaded the SMSGator for your iPhone yet? Yes, some have downloaded and some there in the corner hasn't. What is the reason behind your hesitation in downloading the application? Did you say that you may not like the application after you download it? If you are saying that, I am Rolling On the Floor Laughing or in short we say ROFL.

To relieve you if you think you are going to say "what the Heck" after downloading SMSGator, the SMS-Based iPhone application, we have presented to you another version of the same, named SMSGator Lite. With this version, you can know quite a lot about the full version of the application. This SMSGator Lite as I have said before is available for free download from iTunes or the Apple Apps Store.

This version includes some of the features of SMSGator with which you can have a glimpse of what the application is all about. You will not be charged even a single cent for downloading. It is not a trial application that comes with a validity. Therefore, you can keep the same for life. If you love SMSGator Lite, then it is a proven fact that you will love the SMSGator.

Download SMSGator Lite, it is worth a try. Also give us your feedback on the application by just replying to any of our post.