Camera + Boomerang = Camerang


Unlike other days, today I will not speak about SMSGator or other mobile applications or devices. Lets give it a break. I'm saying this because, I can't keep myself away from sharing the news that today I came across one of the most amazing but simple gadgets I have ever seen.

Keeping apart all iPhone applications today, I will share the specialty of this gadget which is other wise known as Camerang. By its name we can see that it have something to do with Boomerang. For those who don't know what boomerang is, here is the definition to boomerang. A boomerang is a flying tool with a curved shape used as a weapon or for sport, the specialty is that this tool returns to the thrower after traveling a certain distance.

You may ask me, is this gadget used for combat like the olden days Boomerang? No, there is a twist this time, this is not for combat but to take aerial photos of oneself and hence the name “CAMERAng”. It is an innovative design by a Yanko designer Sangyong Park.

Coming to how it works, Camerang works with technology that takes photographs as it flies around. There is no question of accuracy since this camera comes with a technology that helps the camera lens to spin in compliance to the spin of the gadget and fixes it focus on the subject too.

I'm craving to own this gadget. Don't you like to have one too?

And now coming back to track, don't you thing technology can do wonders, wonders like the one which Camerang does? I just can't imagine what will be of this world without technology. If I do, I see only caves, stone, hairs, bare bodies and the wooly mammoth.