SMSGator – Re-Explained


I have been leaving out SMSGator from the topic for quiet a long time but not today. I wonder how many of you listen to my advice of downloading this amazing iPhone application, but I am amazed with the the gradual rise in the number of downloads with each passing week. It seems, my messages reached your ears and it was helpful.

To those who failed to read my previous post and who are lazy enough not to click on the older posts button or the archive button, this is a post on SMSGator for your lot. The first stupid question which I am ready to face is, What is this SMSGator? Lucky you are that you are dealing with me online or else you would have known I really have a lightning fast punch (I'm laughing out loud). The SMSGator is one SMS-Based iPhoneapplication which you can get it installed in your iPhone so that you can add a lot of value to your iPhone SMS feature.

What are the features of this application? This application has all the features you will get in an SMS-Based iPhone application and on top of that, it has two differentiating features. The first being the encryption feature that allows you to encrypt your messages before sending so that it is more secure and you are free from the worries of having your messages landing in the wrong hands. And the second differentiating feature is that you can translate messages in foreign languages and vice-versa using the embedded Google translate tool. A fool you were that you take the trouble of translating the message manually.

Here, I repeat, download the SMSGator from iTunes. You can also download the free version, SMSGator Lite.