Funny Way to Recharge Your Mobile Battery


Ever thought of the funniest but innovative way to get you mobile battery charged? If you haven't listen to this. Orange UK otherwise known for iPhone applications, mobile phone plans, internet connection, etc. is also known for their developing innovative ways of charging your mobile phones and this time they come up with the idea of inventing a mobile charger installed in your T-Shirt.

You may wonder how is this going to work? To make you clear, I am going to explain how does this T-Shirt function. This T-Shirt has a mechanism in it that it generates electric charge from the sound around it. The developers won't let us know the details of the mechanism of the T-Shirt but tells us that it is based on Piezoelectrics and vibration absorption.

Nobody would not like to get this accessory or garment (whatever it is) doubting that it may not render what users expect but to their surprise it works quiet reasonably. Whether you get it or not, it's your call. If you are getting this you better get the Freely downloadable SMSGator Lite an iPhone application you would love.

One type of people would surely love this garment, and those people are music lovers, disco goers and even those who works in noisy factories. After all this charger works by absorbing sound vibration. Now is the time that you may also profit from noisy arguments.