SMSGator Lite – A Demo Version of SMSGator


It is often uneasy to risk buying something due to the fear of your money going wasted. Oglacs and ITTS understand this feeling of yours and hence bring out a demo version of SMSGator known as SMSGator Lite so that you can know know what SMSGator more, its amazing features prior to your downloading the full version.

With the Lite version, you will get to use SMSGator however with few features missing.

SMSGator Light is an iPhone SMS-Based application with which you can do a lot with your phone's SMS feature.

With it, You can customize your messages with emoticons, lingo, accented characters and other features.

SMS can also be sent to number of contacts without having to click on each contact with the help of the application's grouping feature. Here, contacts grouping can be done either manually or through smart grouping of the application.

The private templates feature of the application will be of great help to your texting experience. With it you will be off the headache of writing similar message over and over again.

However, SMSGator Lite is the free version of SMSGator and will soon be available free for download in iTunes, the full version with unlimited features including, language translation and Message Encryption is already available for download.

You will soon be able to download the free version of SMSGator, Download it and get a glimpse to the amazing application SMSGator.