What's in SMSGator that isn't in SMSGator Lite

SMSGator Lite is a demo version of the SMSGator that includes some feature of the SMSGator but is void of some great features that is included in the full version. You may think, why download when it is missing some feature? If you are, you may well think about downloading it because it is a freeware. By freeware I mean that this SMSGator Lite is available for download from the apple store of iTunes for free.

What is there in the full version that is not in the free version?

The free version comes with most of the features the application has like the ability of creating contact groups either manually or automatic; the ability of sending bulk SMS to many contacts at once; the option of customizing your text messages with special characters, emoticons and lingo and creating private templates that can be used later on in order to save time.

This version has been created for you by Oglacs and ITTS in order to make you get to know more about the SMSGator more. Even thought the application doesn't come with the full feature, it comes with all the features mentioned above. The full version on the other hand comes with features like the feature of translating foreign language and sharing it to friends and encrypting messages before sending it. It also has the feature of syncing contacts and templates with SMSGator web service.

The SMSGator Lite in short is an introductory version of the SMSGator which is available for free and people can download this before they download SMSGator from iTunes.