Technology – What Has it Rendered

Where in the developed world will you find somebody unaware of the tremendous growth in technology? What makes today different from yesterday is the change in technology. It is technology that makes whatever progresses that mankind experiences today a possibility.

What once was a bulky appliance can now fit in your palm. The computer when it was first developed was the same size of a regular cupboard. Due to scientific advancement, the size reduces but functionality increases and nowadays and at present we have the laptop, netbooks, tablets and powerful cellphones like the iPhone, Android and Symbian.

With the advent of such amazing devices comes applications and software that runs on these devices. The value of the devices are even enhanced by this applications and software. Example to such software or application is the SMSGator, an iPhone application or an iphone based SMS application that allows users to do certain things easily and swiftly for which it would have taken him or her hours to execute.

The most amazing technological advancement would be the availability of internet access on mobile devices. This allows people to access the internet, send emails, keep in touch with loved ones and do work online on the move.

It is science and technology that makes these things possible. The latest debate on whether technology is diminishing nature and what comes with it is also something which we will discuss about in this blog later on.

In the meantime, here comes the Question, have you downloaded the SMSGator? If yes, did you like it? If no, what is the reason behind that, are you reluctant to download the full version? If that's the case, you can download the demo version of the SMSGator, SMSGator Lite from iTunes.

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