SMSGator Lite – A Prologue to SMSGator

Oglacs after the launch of the SMSGator launched SMSGator Lite a free Version of SMSGator. This mobile application has been created by Oglacs and ITTS so that people can get a glimpse to the full version of SMSGator before they download it.

People generally hesitate to download an application because they don't know whether the application will benefit them or not. Understanding this, these two companies came up with a plan to release a free version of the application so that people may get to use some features of the application and download it if they love it or if it proves useful to them.

In this version of the SMSGator, you will be able to use some of the features of the SMSGator. But for a freeware, it is something worth testing out. You will be able to send unlimited SMS to your group of friends without having to click on each individual contact in order to send the message. You can also create groups in a way you would like to create or you can use the applications auto grouping or smart grouping of the application to create groups according to location, last name, occupation, etc. The character support of the application is also amazing. You will get access to a lot of accented characters and lingo making your texting experience never like before.

Creating private template and saving them for future usage instead of writing whole over again is also included in this feature. If you download the full version of this iPhone application, you will also get additional features like embedded language translation tool with which you can instantly translate foreign languages before sharing something to friends and loved ones. You will also get the feature of encrypting messages before sending if you fear that your message may end up in the wrong hands.

The SMSGator Lite is now available for free download from iTunes and its full version, the SMSGator is also available for download from the same.

Use the SMSGator Lite and download SMSGator from iTunes if you find it useful for you.