Do Much More Than Texting With Your iPhone

What do you do with your phone texting feature? Nothing but text, only text. Why only text when you can do a lot of thing by downloading the new iPhone SMS-Based application SMSGator?

SMSGator is an iPhone application developed by Oglacs and ITTS with which you can use it to send bulk SMS, translate SMS, create Private Templates, send SMS to contact groups, etc.

You may be hesitant to download this application since you don't know whether it's real or not. If you are feeling this, you can download a demo version of this application known as SMSGator Lite which will soon be available for free download from iTunes or the Apple Store.

With SMSGator you can send SMS to a number of your friends all at once. You can also send unlimited characters, which include lingo, emoticon and other special characters which you will not find with other applications.

Translating foreign language message or jokes you want to send to your friends is now no more a headache, you can just use the SMSGator translate feature and send the same SMS to your friend in a jiffy.

Encrypting confidential SMS is one of the positive feature of this application. Download the demo version, if you would like to know more about it. However, some features may be missing in the demo version.

It is indeed true, your Texting experience with your iPhone after downloading SMSGator from iTunes will be totally different.